play September

from Singles

***Click here for information about September in Eric Gansworth's Re-Creation Story!***


Words and music by Alex Freeman

Alex Freeman, Piano and vocals
Tuomas Logren, Guitars
Tuuli Saarnio, Accordion
Lauri Schreck, Drums
Sara Suvela, Bass

Produced by Jon-Patrick Kuhlefelt
at the Sibelius Academy studios in Helsinki and Järvenpää

All I can say is your prayers were not wasted
And your love was not in vain
All of the roads in this world I face did
Cover this boy in seasons of rain

Gather up all your possessions
Take the river; take the road.
Gather up all you believe to be precious in this life
You have got to go

Run aground forever on
The memory of an iron year
Covered up in seasons
And hoisted on the giant pier
She alone can see this but
You alone can make it real
And they just want you to come home

Voices carry over water
And all you cannot forgive
You must atone for.

Some nights spent in foreign towns I wander till I'm sure that I'll
Go back down the river, voices cracking on the other side
Time a taker, time a giver, and a soul alone to decide
To get back home

Oh September…
You've been gone
For such a long time.

And every time the summer ends I think again about my friends
Warmer nights in southern towns and in my mind my mother sings
A word or two of comfort just before the river bends

All I can say is your prayers were not wasted
And love is never in vain
Gather the branches down my the lakeside.
Light the bonfires;
She is gone.