play Simple As It Is

from Half Past November

Simple As It Is

Words and Music by Alex Freeman

Alex Freeman, Piano and vocals
Tuuli Saarnio, Accordion and vocals
Lauri Schreck, Drums and vocals
Sara Suvela, Bass and vocals

Produced by Lauri Schreck
at the Sibelius Academy

Sorry and I hope I didn't wake you see I've been up again all night tryin' to figure out what this whole thing was all about and it's a simple thing but simple just ain't what it used to be and anyway I had your number Oh, everything I think you took from me oh, when I try to get my mind around that I keep on hoping someday it might be simplified how I tried to get away from you and your lies circle all around you and this truth simple as it is eludes you still but I guess it's alright now. That's all I thought I had to tell you and I guess it all came out all wrong but isn't that just the way it always goes (?) and it's just as well you probably wouldn't understand anyway and even if you tried the truth would only break your heart oh, what could ever be the point in that no love could ever come to light around that I'd never wish on anyone what I went through—least of all you. So goodbye. I guess that's all there is and I'll try no longer to make you see how easy it was for me to make this harder than it needs to be but that's just how I do, simple as it is, but I will say this: Simple as I am I could always see that light around you. Simple as I am I'll let it all go now and all the indifferent stars in their indifferent sky will be the only witness to the roads that I walk alone and in a thousand upon thousand years when they excavate what's left of my soul I think they'll know how long I tried to let it go and say goodbye. Goodbye.