This Advent Moon (Carols for Yuletide and O Magnum Mysterium)

This Advent Moon Carols for Yuletide and O Magnum Mysterium

Audite Chamber Choir's Christmas CD released in 2018 by Alba Records. The album contains my Carols for Yuletide (2010) and O Magnum Mysterium (2002).

Inner Voice (Complete Piano Works)

Inner Voice Complete Piano Works

Complete piano works recorded by Brian Lee, Risto-Matti Marin, Matilda Karkkäinen,  and Salla Karakorpi on the Albany Records label.

Somnium Ensemble: Ad Mariam (O Magnum Mysterium)

Somnium Ensemble Ad Mariam O Magnum Mysterium

Somnium Ensemble's 2016 beautiful recording of O Magnum Mysterium.

Polarities (Blueshift)

Polarities Blueshift

Blueshift recorded by Parma Recordings. Available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Classics Online, and elsewhere.

Among The Leaves (Four Songs of Hellaakoski)

Among The Leaves Four Songs of Hellaakoski

***Nominated for 2010 EMMA award (Finnish Grammy equivalent) for year's best classical album!!***

Melville's Dozen (Night on the Prairies)

Melville039s Dozen Night on the Prairies

Kantele Satoa (Magnolia)

Kantele Satoa Magnolia

Kantele Satoa

Risto-Matti Marin: The Art of Transcription (Yuki)

RistoMatti Marin The Art of Transcription Yuki