play The River Between

The River Between for tenor
 solo, choir and orchestra is based on selected texts of Walt Whitman
(1819-1892). The four-part work begins with an orchestral 
introduction that invokes the expansive, vibrant spirit of the words 
that follow. Whitman, a nurse in the American Civil War, saw first
hand the most gruesome aspects of  "war and all its deeds of
 carnage," yet remained profoundly optimistic about the progress and 
perfectibility of the human spirit. His experiences during those 
turbulent years provided the inspiration for his monumental poetic
 acheivements and resulted in some of the most comforting and
 consoling words in the English language. The texts selected in this 
work loosely trace a narrative of a child coming to terms with the
 death of a parent, but more generally encompass the very nature of
 life and death. Throughout the work, Whitman's colorful imagery 
provides a contemplation of the joy and sorrow of life, the mystery
 of death, and whatever that may be that lies between.

This work was made possible by the American Embassy in Helsinki and Hämäläis-Osakunnan Laulajat.

Conductor: David Searle
Choir: Hämäläis-Osakunnan Laulajat
Tenor solo: Juha Hostikka
ORchestra: Akateeminen Sinfonietta

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